10mm Female to 10mm Female Adapter
10mm Female to 10mm Female Adapter

10mm Female to 10mm Female Adapter

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Joint two pipes easily
Clear Glass
Two Sides joint
Thick Borosilicate Glass
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10mm Female to 10mm Female Adapter:

If you're looking for discretion, you can smoke in peace with this beautiful handmade adapter female 10mm. This glass tube allows you to use a male-jointed bowl on a male-jointed water pipe or dab rig. This glass adapter will allow you to use a male joint bowl on a male joint bong or dab rig. This female joint will allow you to use a variety of bowls, dropdowns, or other glass fittings on your water pipe or oil rig. Glass adapters are optional accessories for smoking and hookahs. Glass smoking pipes have three standard joint sizes: 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. Joints also come in different "genders", male or female. The feminine pieces fit with the masculine ones and vice versa. Glass adapters convert one size to a different size, one gender to another gender, or a combination of size and gender changes. So if you find a bowl or nail that doesn't fit your water pipe, add one of our glass adapters to make it work! 

The Pass-Through is a unique adapter with a variety of uses. It features a 10mm female to 10mm female pitch adapter, with an additional 10mm female adapter on the side. This multi-function adapter allows you to: use the adapter as is with any 14mm male adapter or leave the 10mm adapter fully open by removing the included 10mm glass plug to allow more airflow, or you can snap on and off the 10mm adapter with your finger, acting as a carb to clean your water piece without the need to remove the vaporizer from the adapter - a great benefit for any water vaporizer!

The Pass-Through Adapter also lets you use anything with a 10mm male joint simultaneously for simultaneous double vaporizer use. Adding another vape will increase the punch tremendously, a must for experienced vapers. Infinitely valuable, the Pass-Through Adapter is an adapter from which everyone who vapes through water will benefit.

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