14mm Mate to Female Ash Catcher

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Part Number: GPP-226
100% High grade borosilicate glass
Elegant RIG perc ash-catcher
Clear glass
Wide Chamber
Colored Glass
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14mm 11 Tree Ash Catcher

This thick 14mm 11 Tree Ash Catcher is here to give you the most excellent filtration before your air enters your bong. This will be the most regular hit you've ever taken. Look at the surveys underneath from genuine clients that affection their new ash catcher. This glass ash catcher is the ideal embellishment for adding some natural filtration to your one-glass bong. The 11-Arm Tree Perc Ash catcher is a beast measured water pipe connection intended to channel your air through the water while keeping frightful, undesirable particles out of your water pipe. Outfitted with an 11-arm tree percolator containing different cuts toward the finish of each arm, this other huge Tree Perc Ash catcher will altogether diffuse any size hit you set out to challenge. This unmistakable glass ash catcher includes a joint of 14mm size. The joints compare with one another, so on the off chance that you request a 14mm joint on the top will likewise acknowledge 14mm water pipe extras. 

The 11-Arm Tree Perc Ash catcher likewise comes in your decision of a 45° or 90° joint point. You'll need to coordinate the point with a similar collective point on your water pipe for ideal execution (45-degree joints lay on a moment while 90-degree joints are vertical and sit upstanding). Pick finally between green, blue, or clear hued glass emphasizes on the percolator arms. Get one of these awful young men today to keep your bong clean and your air even cleaner. This glass ash catcher highlights an 11 arm tree percolator. The vast chamber permits the tree perc to completely channel your air to appreciate smoother hits and a cleaner bong. Accessible in your decision of 14mm joints, just as green, blue, and clear shaded glass. Each arm is furnished with three cuts to assist the filer with excursion the buildup, leaving you with a smooth and more delectable hit. 

The arms also consider the air to chill off before breathing in, making it more relaxed and more straightforward to breathe in your hit. This ash catcher comes in blue, green, and clear and can either come as a 14mm joint to accommodate your water pipe with a top. Guarantee the smoothest meeting when you buy this ash catcher. This 14mm Tree Perc Ash catcher can update any 14mm piece with a 45 degree. Ash catchers are a reasonable choice to give extra degrees of water filtration/dissemination to any glass water pipe for an even smoother experience. As their name proposes, these overhauls likewise help keep the principal office of a glass bong or bubbler cleaner after some time by going about as the primary line of protection to get debris and garbage. Between our three ash catcher perc plans, the tree perc makes the most dispersion and water contact yet, like this, is additionally the hardest to clean because of its long, restricted arms.