14mm Male to 14mm Female Ash Catcher
14mm Male to 14mm Female Ash Catcher

14mm Male to 14mm Female Ash Catcher

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Ideal tool for use in activities that take place inside
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14mm Male to 14mm Female Ash Catcher

Do you need a brand-new 14mm ash catcher, or are you searching for the best ash catcher available? If that is the matter, you have come to the appropriate location. Ash catchers may be purchased from low-cost manufacturers, such as Black Leaf and Blaze Glass. The great majority of 14mm ash catchers include a male joint with a 45-degree angle that may be used to connect to your water pipe or bong. Additionally, we provide dry ash catchers in addition to ash catchers that have been explicitly designed for beaker bongs and straight tubes.

If your bong and bowl components are male-jointed, you will need a female ash collector that is 14 millimeters in diameter. The top of this ashtray is designed to hold male bowls and is meant to be used over a male joint. This is the way to go if you want to smoke flowers without getting it all over your banger hanging setup and have a banger hanging design. Since a gadget of this sort has been needed for a very long time, it's about time that someone got around to making one. Just by adding this accessory to your current setup, you can transform it into a clean bong in a matter of seconds.

What Is the Best Way to Clean your Ash Catcher?

Cleaning an ash catcher is similar to cleaning a bong, but it is much easier to handle. First, fill the chamber about 1/4 to 1/2 full with a pre-made cleaning solution, plug both openings with your fingers or specialized cleaning plugs, and shake it until all the crud has been removed from the glass surfaces. Next, run clean water through the ash collector until all the cleaner is gone and the piece is clean. The ash collector is now clean and ready to use.

How can I choose which kind of ash catcher to purchase?

When looking for an ash catcher, the first thing you will need to do is decide the size of the required glass joint so it can be used with your bong or down stem. The joint angle you require is the second factor in deciding which bong to purchase. The vast majority of beaker bongs and bongs call for an ash catcher tilted at 45 degrees. The other option is an ash catcher listed at 90 degrees and is typically used on bongs with a fixed downstem. This type of stemless bong is also known as a stemless bong.