14mm Female Diamond Knot Quartz Nail
14mm Female Diamond Knot Quartz Nail

14mm Female Diamond Knot Quartz Nail

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Part Number: GPP-490
Compact size, and low weight
Unique Diamond Knot design
It works well to break up puddles of concentrates
Easily cleaned, maintained, and used as required
Knot Quartz Nail
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14mm Female Diamond Knot Recycler Quartz Nail

Quartz nails are a superb receptacle for the combustion of legal extracts and oils. The quartz used in our quartz nails is of the highest quality and may be used to create a variety of tasty treats. You may instantly improve the durability and functionality of your touch device by adding only one of these nails. Transforming your glass nail into a quartz nail can extend the life of your spot deck and provide a better touch interaction. These male quartz bangles may accommodate any male bead measuring 14 mm. They make it possible to slip into any typical feminine style and get to the game immediately, with no extras needed. Quartz is a great way to add a precise amount of flavor while maintaining complete transparency.

The 14mm Female Diamond Knot Recycler Quartz Nail includes a carb cap, a removable diamond knot quartz inlay, and the banger itself. This hotspot prevents any of your concentrates from going to waste by cycling it in a continuous loop. Since the diamond knot quartz insert is removable, it is much easier to clean than alternatives, providing a greater surface area to evaporate the concentrate during the heating process. The Diamond Knot is similar to a standard glass bong, except its inner bucket has a fused quartz knot. You place your dab over the top of the knot while the bucket is still hot. Concentrate will disperse and cover the whole knot's surface. The knot's extra volume and surface area allow for more excellent heat retention and dissipation.

Every time you need to check the time, you'll have to open the screen and look for the clock app. When compared to other quartz hammers, this one is much more bearable. Our 14mm female quartz dab rigs will fit perfectly on this 14mm male quartz nail. The cube-shaped banger setup with 4mm thick partitions is designed to break up more concentrates than our standard Domeless Nails. The bent neck creates this shape. With the nail resting flat on this male quartz vibrator, you can be confident that every hit will be evenly vaporized. This quartz bracelet is compatible with any male point fixation kit and comes with your choice of a 10mm, 14mm, or 18mm female joint. Heat the basin, put your wax or oil within using a rubbing device, and inhale the vapors.