14mm Female Flat Top Quartz Nail
14mm Female Flat Top Quartz Nail

14mm Female Flat Top Quartz Nail

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Deep Bucket Design
14mm Male Joint
Polished Joint
Quartz Banger Nail
Extremely portable and pocket-sized
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14mm Female Flat Top Quartz Nail

This 14mm Female Flat Top Quartz Nail has a 2mm or 4mm thickness for increased heat retention and endurance. In addition, the flat top design enables you to utilize almost any kind of carb cap without worrying about the cap slipping off. This flat-top quartz banger nail is available in 2mm or 4mm thickness for 14mm male connections. The flat top is a simple banger nail design with an open bucket that permits the use of almost any kind of carb cap on top. Some variations of this design use a thick quartz base for enhanced heat retention. The combination of a flat-top quartz banger with drop-in insert cups is a relatively recent addition to the dab scene. The most significant benefit is that the drop-in cup insert helps keep your bong looking new and makes cleaning simple! This configuration enables you to either heat the banger as you usually would and then put in the loaded cup insert, or you may heat the cup insert, drop it in with tweezers, and then cook the banger as you usually would. 

We like to heat the banger and place the loaded cup insert into the banger. In addition to keeping your banger cleaner, the cup insert covers your concentrates from high heat levels and promotes thorough vaporization, resulting in great terpene profiles.

Using A Quartz Banger Nail

Before utilizing a 14mm Female Flat Top Quartz Nail, there are some factors to consider. Quartz is excellent at absorbing and maintaining heat, but it must be heated appropriately to maintain its performance over time. When heating your banger with a butane dab torch, it is essential to rotate the flame on the quartz surface to guarantee equal heating. Holding the love in one location may deteriorate the quartz, causing it to lose its ability to retain heat over time. Never allow your pipe to get so hot that it emits red light. If it is glowing, you have overheated it.

Heat your banger for roughly 30 seconds, let it cool for approximately 60 seconds, and then use a dab tool to place your concentration in the bucket. Optionally, lay the carb cap on the banger bucket and inhale through the rig. Before the banger has cooled completely, use a cotton bud or Q-Tip to absorb any leftover residue to keep it clean for the next session.