14mm Female Thermal Quartz Nail
14mm Female Thermal Quartz Nail

14mm Female Thermal Quartz Nail

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Polished 14mm Male Joint
Deep bucket design
Stylish, eye-catching, and showy
Flat top design
Improved heat retention
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14mm Female Thermal Quartz Nail

This 14mm thermal quartz nail has a double-walled design, enabling complete vaporization at lower temperatures. Additionally, the airflow can be regulated with a bubble carb cap. This thermal banger prevents wax from escaping into your dab rig, which may happen with a standard quartz banger if you use too much resin. If you use this thermal banger, however, you won't have to worry about that happening. If you use this thermal banger, on the other hand, you won't have to worry about anything like that taking place. As a result of using this strategy, you can be sure that none of the incredibly valuable concentrates you have will be wasted, which gives you a lot of peace of mind. This thermal quartz banger nail has a double wall, which allows for the vaporization of greater concentrates at lower temperatures and airflow adjustment through a bubble carb cap. If you put too much wax in a regular quartz banger, some of it may leak into your dab setup, but that won't happen with this heated banger. With this technique, you can be confident that none of your precious concentrates will be wasted.

Using 14mm Female Thermal Quartz Nail

Before utilizing a 14mm Female Thermal Quartz Nail, there are a few things you should bear in mind. Quartz is fantastic at absorbing and keeping heat, but you need to be sure to heat it properly, so it continues to work effectively over time. When you heat your banger using a butane torch, you must swirl the flame around over the surface of the quartz to guarantee equal heating. Holding the love in one location might deteriorate the quartz, and it won't maintain heat effectively over time. Never let your banger to get hot that it glows red. If it's burning, that suggests you have heated it too hot.

After heating your banger for around thirty seconds, allow it to cool down for approximately sixty seconds. Then, use a dabbing instrument to place your concentration glob into the bucket. You can choose to do this. However, we recommend setting your carb cap on the banger bucket before taking a hit through your rig. Use a cotton bud to absorb any residual residue on the banger before it has had a chance to cool down completely. This will ensure that the banger is clean for your next session.