14mm Male to 18mm Female Adapter
14mm Male to 18mm Female Adapter

14mm Male to 18mm Female Adapter

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Part Number: GPP-495
Aesthetics that are both stylish and attractive
Constructed with glass
Transparent Angle Glass
Height: 3 inches
Length: 4.5 inches
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14mm Male to 18mm Female Angled Adapter

You may use this 14mm Male to 18mm Female Angled Adapter to connect a 14mm male attachment or bowl to a joint that is 18mm female. Because it is barely an inch high, the adaptor is scarcely noticeable. Do you need to adjust the female end of your water pipe or oil rig connection from a 14mm to 18mm angle if you intend to use a domeless nail or a male glass bowl with the threading of that size? If you do, you can find out by checking out this article. You will require an angle Joint Adapter with a Male 14mm to Female 18mm connection to accomplish this goal. This angle adapter for a glass joint will enable you to utilize a female link measuring 18 mm with a male junction measuring 14 mm. Because it is just a 1.25, it will be an invisible "joint adapter with a height adjustment and an angled base.

Because glassblowing is done by hand, the described dimensions and colors may differ from the final product. However, by using the 14mm Male to 18mm Female Angled Adapter, adjusting your joint size to be compatible with a broader assortment of attachments is a straightforward operation. This smoking pipe has a longer lifespan and is durable thanks to the use of thick transparent glass in its manufacture. It's probable that a stoner was the one who fashioned this one-of-a-kind glass pipe. Because the pipe cannot be held responsibly if such conditions develop, you must pay careful attention to the exact fit of any aftermarket equipment you buy.