18mm to 18mm Female Adapter

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Part Number: GPP-156
18mm Joint
Resistant and reusable
Thick transparent glass
Made of quality thick glass
Easy to use and clean
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18 to 18mm Degree Adapter

The 18mm to 18mm degree adapter allows you to use a variety of cups, drop-down drawers, or other glass ornaments on water pipes or oil rigs. Glass adapters are optional accessories for pipes and water pipes. Glass pipes have three common standard sizes: 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. Couples also fall into different "sexual orientations." The feminine pieces fit with the masculine pieces and vice versa. Glass adapters change one size to an alternate dimension, one gender to the following sexual orientation, or a combination of size and gender changes. This 18mm female to 18mm male clear glass adapter enables customers to convert 18mm female connectors to 18mm male connectors. This change allows you to combine dry pieces with traditional women's joints with women's accessories with soft accessories. 

The connectors can also provide a thermal barrier between the nails and the detection platform to protect the glass joint from overheating. These 18mm to 18mm glass adapters are special connectors so you can turn your man into a female glass bong/oil apparatus to allow the use of standard glass cones/cups. Not surprisingly, unintentional male fingernails are permitted to be used on unstable parts, and the exceptional protection limit of the heat source is increased.
This large connector is made of 3mm thick borosilicate glass and is designed to change any joint from 18mm to 18mm to use any 18mm canister or accessory. The glass adapter is designed to change the gender of your glass bong. This connector converts an 18mm male Joint to an 18mm female joint. This straight glass connector is made from premium borosilicate glass and features two 18mm female joints for use with male contacts, regardless of how you handle it.
This 18mm to 18mm glass adapter is the adornment you are looking for. Remove the male decoration from your device's female accessories and then place your 18mm male on the opposite end or the other side. 

These glass adapters are made of the best glass material to ensure a perfect, insoluble air form. When you have this 18mm to 188mm transparent glass adapter close by, you will be able to use a variety of glass tumblers, drop-down menus, and other gems in your hookah. This connector is great for those times when you end up with a steering wheel that doesn't fit your waterline. With this 18mm to 18mm glass adapter, you can use a special women's container on a women's water pipe or a touch panel. This glass connector converts your 18mm female Joint to an 18mm male joint so that you can wear a variety of glass tumblers, pop-ups, or other jewelry on your water pipe or oil rig. This connector fits your special 18mm water pipe. This connector allows you to carry your 18mm female hinge tube and insert it into the 18mm female Joint.