18 to 18mm Female 90 Degree Adapter
18 to 18mm Female 90 Degree Adapter

18 to 18mm Female 90 Degree Adapter

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Part Number: GPP-476
Affordable and readily available
18 mm Female to 18 mm Female
2.5 inches long adapter
High-borosilicate glass
Simple to use and clean
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18 Female to 18mm female 90-degree adapter:

This premium adapter can change any 18mm female joint into an 18mm female joint for use with any male bowl or attachment. It is composed of thick 3mm borosilicate glass. Measure the angle of your downstream if you want to make you're set up a right angle (90 degrees). The Adapter is designed to convert your 18mm female glass-on-glass junction to an 18mm female association and is made of high-quality borosilicate glass. Customers can convert an 18mm female fitting to an 18mm female fitting by using this 18mm female to 18mm female transparent glass adapter. Due to this transition, touch nails with traditional female fittings can be matched with dry components with female joints. Additionally, connectors can provide a helpful heat barrier between nails and spot rigs, protecting the glass junction from excessive heat exposure.

The accent you're looking for is this 18mm-to-18mm Glass Adapter. Attach your 18mm female association to the ornamentation by inserting the male end of the adornment into the female fitting on your apparatus or the other way around. These glass adapters are made with superior glass material to provide a flawless, unadulterated fume path. You may use a variety of bowls, dropdowns, and other glass adornments on your water pipe when you have this 18mm-to-18mm transparent glass adapter handy. It's fantastic to have this connector on hand if you ever end up with a frill that won't fit your water pipe. Female pieces can fit with female parts, and vice versa. Glass adapters transform one size to another, one sex to a different sex, or a combination of size and sex alterations.

You can use a female jointed bowl on a female jointed water pipe or touch rig by using this 18mm-to-18mm glass adapter. With the help of this glass connector, you may use a variety of bowls, dropdowns, and other glass adornments on your water pipe or oil rig. It converts your 18mm female connection into an 18mm female joint. This connector fits a water pipe with an 18mm junction. You can use this connector to expand your 18mm female-jointed pipe into an 18mm female adapter. It frequently has two different uses. First, you have the option of converting your 18mm female jointed apparatus into an 18mm female joint or your 18mm female jointed concentrate device into an 18mm female joint. With the help of this glass adapter, you can remove the tobacco and dry spices from the rig for connecting our 18mm female Adapter to a water pipe or other device with an 18mm female end. This clever design enables the user to effortlessly operate the connector and connect it to water pipelines and equipment.