18mm Female to 14mm Male
18mm Drop Down Adapter

18mm Female to 14mm Male

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Part Number: GPP-157
Easy to clean and maintain
Strong shock absorbent Glass
Very handy and easy to carry
Strong glass to prevent cracking
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18mm Drop Down Adapter

Another product of the Global Glass Pipes, renowned all over the world for their durable and top-notch products. The Dropdown Adapter is the perfect product for you if you are looking for an adjustable adapter for your bong or rig. Moreover, the adapter is also designed to keep high heat away from and lower the flames' angle. Any male rig of various dimensions can be used and adjusted with this adapter. The adapter's unique Dropdown feature allows you to bring the nail bearer joint away from the piece body. This prevents the risk of you burning your face, mainly when the pipe is located too close to your face. The adapter is specially designed to give you more significant control over your dabbing. The crystal-clear glass also enables you to constantly monitor the air in the pipe and increase the chances for perfect hits. The dimensions are 18mm on both sides. Size and overall dimensions of the 

This Dropdown Adapter also prevents the wearing and tearing of your glass dab rig. The dropdown enables the heat to radiate away from the glass pipe hence protecting it and increasing its life. His top-notch production aims to keep your experience as easy and stress-free as possible. To obtain optimum results from this, it is highly suggested to regularly clean the glass joints with salt water, which prevents the joint from clogging up or locking up. The adapter protects your glass by radiating the heat away from your glass and by lowering the nail. Hence ruling out the possibility of you completely changing your system after some time. It also helps absorb any heat directed towards the glass and prevents the risk of a crack appearing or breaking the glass pipe.