18mm Female Thermal Quartz Nail
18mm Female Thermal Quartz Nail

18mm Female Thermal Quartz Nail

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Part Number: GPP-488
Affordable and readily available
2.5 Inch Downstem
18mm female glass joint
Remains the thing hot for long
100% pure quartz glass
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18mm Female Thermal Quartz Nail

Thermal bangers are also known as quartz double wall bangers, giving the facility maximum heat determination and course, excellent flavor profit. This banger is made by double-walled thermal. The because of double-walled, the heat remains for a long time in a thermal. In this thermal, the vapors are safe over a long time. This female thermal quartz nail will place heat for as long as possible—this thermal-made material of quartz. The quartz nail should be heated to avoid many problems. Before using this female thermal quartz nail, you first use the season nail for the best result. The female thermal quartz nail appearance may vary. The degree of this thermal is 90 degrees.

There are many quartz bangers like 14mm male quartz banger,10mm quartz banger Dab nail for Rings, 10mm male Grail style banger 90 degrees, 18mm female polished quartz banger, flat top quartz banger, quartz flat top banger male 14mm. This thermal is the best category included in 18mm quartz bangers and 18mm female quartz bangers. When the thermal is heated, the glass color will change into dark red. The 18mm female thermal quartz nail has more thermal conductivity, which means it takes less time to heat the thermal. This quartz as a material is the best ideal for glass. The thermal height is 3, the length is 2, and the width is 1. This 18mm Female thermal quartz nail is available at a reasonable price.

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