18mm Female to 18mm Female

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18mm to 18mm Oil Rig

18mm to 18mm Adapter is made up of glass materials, and this glass material is known as 18mm to 18mmm adapter in which 18mm male to 18mm Male adapter and it converts an 18mm female fitting to 18mm Male fitting. This 18mm Adapter allows the dry piece to the female joint to be dab nail with a female setting. This 18mm Adapter consists of many other materials, including a heat barrier and dab ring, making this 18mm to 18mm Adapter ring. This 18mm Adapter provides a heat barrier between the dab ring and nails in which this dab ring and nails are used to protect the glass joint from producing exercise heat exposure. This 18mm to 18mm Adapter is designed to convert gender fitting in your glass pipe, and this gender included men and the female Adapter. This 18mm Adapter converts the male joint of 18mm to the female joint of 18mm in which the same joint can be used. When you use an 18mm joint of a female Adapter, you must take 18mm of the male joint to fit this because the same joint can be needed in this process.

When you use different joints, it is difficult to work because joint size can be different and does not fit each other. When you take an 18mm standard male Adapter, it is necessary to take female accessories to work in it each other. Sane, in the case of females, when you take female adapters, it is best for you to use male accessories of the same joint to fit each other in a better way. The best quality of this 18mm is adapted they are made up of high-quality glass, and they convert 18mm joint of female into 18mm joint of make and thus conversion factor is the best quality of this Adapter. In this Adapter, 18mm to 18mm Adapter variety of bowl dropdown or other glass accessories is used, which can be used in water pipe and oil rig. When you go to the market, you see that there are different sizes, and these sizes are 10mm,14mm, and 18mm, but this adapter size of 18mm to 18mm is the best. You can easily use this because of its size when you find yourself with a bowl or nil that does not fit on your water pipe, one of our glass adapters to check it. 

You only have one glass adapter, and you don't try another because the glass adapter is the best easy for everyone when you think that the Adapter is made of reverse glass material and Break but notice that it does not break. But because accessories need to be more careful. They break taxis easily when you don't take care of their accessories. one more This Adapter reverse duty is required when you use the slide adapter reverse. Take care of your size. These accessories flow and enter the joint. When you can see the pipe, and you can see that it has a broader opening. You can slide an object into it. It's just a simple process. When your pipe is male or female, when it comes to accessories, when you buy these accessories, you have the usual options such as size, extra fiber, and materials. This category includes boys and girls. When your women have a common part to harmonize with you. The reverse of this Adapter is a glass joint. You can switch between cups and other accessories.