18mm Male to 18mm Female Adapter

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Very convenient
Glass-on-glass adapter
Made of solid glass
Borosilicate Glass
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18mm to 18mm Style Adapter

This top-notch adapter is produced using thick 3mm borosilicate glass and intended to change over any 18mm female joint into an 18mm female joint for use with any female bowl or connection. The adapter is made with excellent borosilicate glass and is intended to change over your 18mm female glass-on-glass joint to an 18mm female association. This 18mm female to 18mm Female adapter permits clients to change an 18mm female fitting over to an 18mm female fitting. This transformation enables spot rigs with male joints combined with "dry" bowl pieces or touch nails with female fittings. Adapters can likewise accommodate warmth hindrance among nails and spot rigs, shielding the glass joint from exorbitant warmth openness. This Glass Female to Female Adapters are the correct adapter to permit you to change over your female glass bong apparatus to a female to allow standard glass bowls. 

Additionally incredible to permit the utilization of female domeless nails on non-viable pieces and add an excellent insurance hindrance from the warmth source. For associating an 18mm female end water pipe or apparatus to our 18mm female adapter. This inventive plan permits the client to utilize the connector efficiently and interface it to water pipes and appliances. This 18mm to 18mm Style Adapter permits you to utilize a wide range of nails, bowls, dropdowns, or other glass frills on your water line or oil rig. Glass Adapters are discretionary attachments for pipes and water pipes. Glass adapters have three standard joint sizes: 10mm, 14mm and 18mm. Joints additionally come in various "sexual orientations," male or female. Female pieces fit with male parts, and the other way around. 

Glass Adapters convert one size to an alternate dimension, one sex to the next sex, or a blend of size and sex changes. This 18mm female to 18mm female adapter can take care of you. It permits you to take any 18mm or 18mm female jointed pipe and give it a female joint. One finish of this adapter is 18mm female, and the other is an 18mm female. Consequently, it can fit 18mm and 18mm female jointed water pipes. This glass-on-glass adapter is made of solid, great glass. This adapter accommodates your 18mm or 18mm female jointed spot rigs. It tends to be utilized in two unique ways. You can take your 18mm female jointed apparatus and change it into a 14mm female joint, or you can take your 18mm female jointed concentrate apparatus and transform it into an 18mm female joint. This glass adapter permits you to clear dry spices. This glass adapter is circulated from Austin, Texas.

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