19mm Female Glass Downstem
19mm Female Glass Downstem

19mm Female Glass Downstem

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Part Number: GPP-387
High Quality
Easy to carry
Light in weight
Features a 19mm female joint
Made from top quality borosilicate glass
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19mm Female Glass Downstem

A glass downstem is a long glass tube that stretches out from your line's joint into the principal office of your water pipe. 19mm female downstems regularly use cuts or openings to channel your use through your piece straightforwardly from your bowl, assisting with chilling off your hit. Planned in light of a similar sturdiness, it has a diffused base and measures 5" altogether. The downstem has a 19 mm female joint. A few pipes accompany a connected downstream, while others don't. If your pipe doesn't attend one, you can purchase a different downstream that can be appended through the joint on the pipe. Glass downstem 19mm is embellishments arrive in an assortment of shapes and sizes. Hence, it's imperative to investigate your pipe before focusing on requesting a piece.

Update your water pipe with this great diffused downstem. The 19mm joint will rest conveniently in its attachment as its downstream arrives at 5" inside. In contrast to its Flush Fit cousins, this female glass downsteam, with equivalent estimated information and yield joints, has a tiny air pocket to work with the double 19mm joint sizes, so the approaching 19mm female joint sits about 5" past the pipe. Again, plan fittingly, as this may meddle with some water pipes. The iced joints on this diffusing glass downstem make an erosion seal to keep air contained without any holes, and the six cuts along with the base assistance diffuse air equitably for complete filtration. Downstem 19mm length is estimated from just beneath the joint to the tip of the glass downstem, so while picking the proper size, quantify effectively. The vast majority of the pipes on our store are marked with their suitable downstream, This female downstem is a standard part for glass on glass water pipes.

Reasonable and produced using top-notch glass, these downstems are an unquestionable requirement have for each shop. Our safety diffused glass downstem 19mm position arrive in an assortment of lengths to accommodate your water pipe needs. These are quality diffused downstems produced using great borosilicate glass and have a 19mm female joint that will fit any bong with a 19mm female joint. The top finish of these position of safety downstems has a 19mm female joint, which will take any 19mm female connection. It's in every case best to blunder on the short side. If the downstem is too long, it will hit within your bong and not seat accurately. 19mm transparent glass downstem finds a way into your 19mm female water pipe. Estimated 5" inches from one finish to another; it is around 5" crawls or simply the specific part. It was opened for additional permeation and perfection. A top-notch bong bowl that accompanies its own diffused downstem, this bong adornment can have a significant effect on your life.

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