19mm Female to Female Attachment
19mm Female to Female Attachment

19mm Female to Female Attachment

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19mm Female to Female Attachment

Joint adapters change the gender of the joint, adapting the water pipes to different accessories. This adapter converts a 19 mm male joint into a 19 mm female joint. This adapter will increase or decrease the intake of your piece. It can be changed so that you can do two things with it. Replace a bit with a 19 mm male joint into a 19 mm female joint, or invert it so that the 19 mm joint turns into a 19 mm joint. Glass adapter 19mm female to 19mm female. To connect a 19mm male end to a water pipe or vein to our 14mm male mouth/adapter. This design allows the user to use the mouth quickly and connect to water pipes and veins. One of the important things to know when buying a new female adapter or bong accessories is the standard size and gender. Although all the restrictions and dubbed veins on our website come with their bowl or nail, there may come a time when you want to upgrade your bong or vein and buy a new pan or bowl.

It is essential to know the standard size and gender when you need it to fit. The first and most essential thing to understand when determining the right piece to buy is the common gender. Bongs, bowls, nails, ash catchers, adapters, dropdowns, and all other parts have a gender, male or female. You need to know that the male parts go to the female joint and the female details go up to the male joint. So if you have a female joint in your stuff, you will need to buy a male joint bowl or deb nail and vice versa. When you are the first user, you take care of something. For almost all restrictions and dubbed veins, you only need to worry about two sizes: 94 mm and 19 mm. You can see, the money falls to the bottom of the 19mm joint and sits above the 19mm joint. You are using a penny to measure your bong joint and determine the size of your adapter. The gender of your adapter means male or female.

Yes, your bowl, ash catcher, adapter, dropdown, nail, somewhat more accessories. With that said, we can find out if your pipe is male or female. When you are a family adapter, you have to have a male joint in all the accessories to be compatible with it. Attracting opponents, right? Since this special adapter has a female joint, a male bowl will be inserted inside the joint. To wrap up this example, if you have a wide opening in your pipe where your cups/accessories fit inside the joint, this is a woman, and she will need male supplements. If your device has a pair of mouths that are slightly wider and need to be fitted with accessories, then after that, it is a girl, and the additional accessories should be male. Most traditional water pipes are primarily designed for dry legal herbs that will become female.