19mm Skull Bowl Piece
19mm Skull Bowl Piece

19mm Skull Bowl Piece

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Handmade glass bowl
Made up of glass
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19mm Skull Bowl Piece

19mm Skull Bowl Piece is made of thick, high quality, heat resistant borosilicate glass that can beat. It is equipped with a male joint that fits any female glass on a glass joint of the same size. A bottomless bowl can hold a large number of herbs, making it perfect for experienced user who like to keep large quantities of spices in their bowls. It is equipped with a very narrow opening, as it is made of glass material and has a tiny space, but if you want to prevent unwanted ash or pieces of herb from traveling in the bong, it is better to use a metal screen. It's perfect for you, and it can work in many different ways, and you can enjoy it. The bowl is decorated with glass marble on both sides of the skull, which acts as roll stoppers, and it looks beautiful as it prevents the bowl from accidentally hitting and breaking on a flat surface. ? We offer it in different colors and both in a 20.8mm plus 12.5mm combined size.

Select your preferred color and shared size from the options available in the drop-down menu when you place an order. The use of glass materials on their side with beautiful finishing Add style to this piece of glassware without spending a fortune on your selection of glass and pimp your bong with this copper skull cup. Right now, it's available to order on Gracie.com for an unbeatable price as it can be available at a meager price, and you can buy it at any time. It can give you more fun. The great thing about it is that it is straightforward to use; anyone can use it easily and enjoy it. This is a bowl of skulls for your bong. It looks like the skull is holding it. It's not a drill. Do you think that you can get just one ordinary cup for your bong, something that is simply attached without any design?

Sorry, but we don't swing like that. If we have a chance to get involved in a job and mean anything, you bet that we will include the skull. We didn't put it on the skull; we just added a purple dash to it? basket in his honor. If looking for a scary and invisible device for your water pipe, look no further than this 18mm skull cup piece because it has so many benefits. The skull cup is unique, and the original glass pipes are because the cup is like a skull. It looks like the structure of a skull. All of our skull pipes are handmade, making each piece a piece of real glass art with excellent quality. When looking for an unusual glass pipe, you should try to sell one of the glass pipes and enjoy the cool use. All the pipes in our skull are handmade, making each piece the original art of glass. It is available in different sizes.

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