3.5 Inch Glass Carb Cap
3.5 Inch Glass Carb Cap

3.5 Inch Glass Carb Cap

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Part Number: GPP-481
High Quality
Easy to clean and maintain
Uniquely designed
Schott glass with a thick, hefty wall
3.5" Inches Tall Glass Carb Cap
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3.5 Inch Glass Carb Cap

Glass Carb Caps are the way to low-temperature touching and drawing out the kind of your concentrates while spotting with glass. If you've ever felt like Goldilocks battling to touch when your nail isn't too hot or cool, a carb cap will get your spot ideally. At the point when you place the clear glass carb cap over your equitable shining, warmed nail, a warm vortex is made. These aids spread the warmth uniformly to all pieces of the nail, disintegrating your concentrate and stopping the arrangement of knots and jelly taste. Your pin additionally holds heat, permitting you to take various touches after just warming the nail once. This Carb Cap is a definitive touching frill. It guarantees the fullest vaporization of your aggregates at the most reduced temperature, taste, and effectiveness. The cap has an opening for ventilation for the ideal measure of wind current. It permits you to appreciate incredibly low-temperature touch hits, guaranteeing the perfect-tasting fume while getting a cleaner and more beneficial impact. This glass cap has an all-inclusive size that fits any domeless nail. 

The dabber unscrews from the carb cap to permit you to utilize each piece independently and makes cleaning much more straightforward. The separable spot device can be the wrong way onto the side of the glass carb cap for more straightforward utilization. The universal glass carb cap dabber is incredible to use with any touch nail. Utilize the dabber to deal with, place the wax focused on top of the nail, and utilize the carb cap to cover the nail top. This carb cap will help save in any case lost fumes. An absolute necessity required touch instrument for anybody spotting with an apparatus and nail. 

Glass carbs are an instrument utilized for lawful essential oils and focuses. These glass carb caps fit an assortment of water lines and fume fixes and have the most extreme sturdiness and warmth maintenance. For example, to utilize a titanium nail, you heat the nail using light and then place your legitimate focus on the nail. 

Upon contact, the hot nail vaporizers move into a fume for utilization through the line. We convey nails that will fit any 10mm, 14mm, or 18mm joint. Dabbers have one capacity to apply oils or waxes to the warmed nail. In case you're searching for top-notch grade 2 glass carb caps at the most minimal costs, at that point, you went to the perfect spot. We planned our cleared glass Carb Cap to fit numerous domeless titanium, quartz, and artistic nails. It's the ideal pair with our boss's domeless glass nail. A cozy fit on our domeless nail makes for a pleasant vacuum to successfully disintegrate your essential oils at lower temps.

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