4 Inch Blue Pipe Case
4 Inch Blue Pipe Case

4 Inch Blue Pipe Case

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Part Number: GPP-23
Smooth zip
Easily to carry
Uniquely designed
Doesn't require much storage space
Keeps the pipes protected
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4 Inch Blue Pipe Case

This blue pipe case is light to carry your mini spoon pipes and keep them protected and safe. 

The zip in the pipe case keeps your pipe whole, and you don't have to worry about missing them. 

This blue pipe case is a good pipe case to keep your pipes secure. This case is a bright blue colored 

case that seems so great and engaging. The substance used for this blue pipe case is best in quality, 

and it's also very long-lasting to use. This blue case is too advanced and includes a solid dual layer of foam.

Unique Features: This pipe case is so uniquely designed that you can easily keep your pipes inside discreetly. 

You can hide its purpose as it looks like a pouch or case; you might use it for something else. 

You can easily carry it anywhere and also conceal its meaning.


Important notes for the Black Pipe Case: To keep this pipe case in good shape for a more extended period, 

you need to take care of it. Keep this pipe case clean and tidy. Also, make sure that you wipe the outer part of this 

pipe case and clean it frequently so that there is no dirt or dust.

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