Black and Green Silicone Nectar Collector
Black and green swirl AR silicone water pipe nectar collector

Black and Green Silicone Nectar Collector

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High Quality
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Portability Dimensions
High-Quality Silicone and Glass Construction
Dab Straw and Water Pipe in One
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Black and Green Silicone Nectar Collector

The Nectar Collector is made of solid silicone and is designed to hold your favorite waxes and essential oils. The gadget has a 10mm female joint and a replaceable 10mm steel nail. The silicone body includes a built-in bubble chamber for water filtration, resulting in a smoother, more pleasurable impact. After you've built and filled it with water, gently warm the titanium tip before inhaling through the flared silicone mouthpiece and immersing the information in your BHO, wax, or essential oil. This silicone nectar collector can withstand minor impacts as well as significant rips.

This Black and green swirl AR Silicone Water Nectar Collector will be sent randomly based on availability. So what color will you get? The Nectar Collector is simple to clean and will endure for years if properly cared for. Order your Silicone Nectar Collector now for an incredible price. With the Eyce Collector, you can enjoy your favorite waxy concentrates on the go. This 8-inch multicolored silicone nectar collector has a grade-2 titanium tip, an optional percolator, and a built-in nonstick silicone concentrate container.

When ready to dab, remove the cover from the storage container, heat the titanium straw, and enjoy your dabs! You can use this Black and green swirl AR Silicone Water Nectar Collector with or without the perc. Attach the 2-inch perc, fill the chamber with water, heat the tip, and dab away for more incredible and smoother vapor. When the domed perc chamber is removed, the Collector reduces to a more compact 6-inch dimension. Furthermore, by turning the straw to the inside of the mouthpiece, you can make the Collector smaller and more discreet, just 5 inches long. The Eyce Collector is one of the most potent concentration straws today. It's easy to use, compact, and fast to dab on the go.

Do you want a portable and convenient way to experiment with dry herbs and extracts in one device? To use the Nectar as a water bubbler, open the silicone flap above the bowl and fill it with your flower and carb first. Fill to just above the percolator apertures for best filtration! Next, close the flap and insert the attached titanium nail into the carb on the bottom of the Nectar to transform it into a dab straw, then dab from the included silicone-glass dabbing dish. The odd shape of the Nectar allows it to fit securely in your palm and be readily carried. With the Nectar, you'll be ready for a dry herb or concentrate sesh wherever you go.