3 Reasons to Consider Vaporizing Weed Instead of Smoking It

<h1>3 Reasons to Consider Vaporizing Weed Instead of Smoking It</h1>

The use of weed vaporizers is on the rise, especially among young adults. Research demonstrates that 53% of adults prefer using a vaporizer. And, among them, 80% believe vaping is a healthier alternative to a bowl or pipe.

The advantages of vaporizing weed as compared to smoking cigarettes are well documented. Though smoking weed isn’t as dangerous, there are various other reasons why people consider switching from smoking to vaping weed. Here’s why.

Prevent Lung Diseases

Though smoking marijuana hasn't been proven to cause lung cancer, smoking anything is indeed hazardous for your health. Marijuana combustion produces carcinogens and tar, which can cause lung irritation and chronic bronchitis.

Vaporizers are designed to resolve this issue. They heat marijuana at a lower temperature than combustion, producing an inhalable vapor that contains the active medical ingredients in marijuana (without the harmful by-products. 

Vaporizing is Subtle

Vaporizing weed is much more discreet than smoking a one-hitter in public. Though you can smell the weed, it makes much less cloud for those who prefer subtle vaporizing. That's how vaporizing does not harm the user and those around them. For example, a cartridge-based vaporizer is not only discreet but also an aesthetic addition to your outfits.

Cost-Effective Solution

Vaporizing weed can save you money in the long run as you will need to burn less of it. According to studies, vaporizing could convert 46% of available THC into vapor. In contrast, the average marijuana joint can convert less than 25% of THC. Moreover, patients prefer vaporizers as an effective method of marijuana intake.  

How to Vape Cannabis

Unlike cigarettes, vaporizers run with batteries and use small metal coils to heat a substance until it evaporates. But not all devices work the same way.

For example, her vaporizers have a chamber where the dried cannabis flowers are placed. When the device heats up, the active compounds in the cannabis convert into concentrated vapor.

Moreover, oil pens extract the oil concentrate from the cannabis plant, while wax pens use a semi-solid substance from the cannabis plant. The wax is purchased separately and added to the atomizer, where it’s heated with a coil and then vaporized.  

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