Lime Green Alien Slime Hand Pipe
Lime Green Alien Slime Hand Pipe

Lime Green Alien Slime Hand Pipe

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Part Number: GPP-467
Affordable and readily available
5 Inch long glass pipe
"Alien" Hand Pipe by Empire Glassworks
Thick, High-Quality Borosilicate Glass
Suitable for use with dry herbs
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Lime Green Alien Slime Hand Pipe

This alien pipe has been meticulously crafted and painted to resemble the hideous face of a notorious alien, complete with glowing teeth and slime drips. The large bowl and total carb make it a fully functional piece ideal for smokers who enjoy classic horror films. The Empire Glassworks "Alien" Hand Pipe is a glass smoking pipe with a horrible disguise that will give you lethal rips from its deep, dark bowl. This 6" heady glass pipe is heavily crafted and colored to resemble the gruesome "Predator" extraterrestrial with glow-in-the-dark teeth, and slime drips leaking from the mouth. It is the ideal gift for sci-fi and horror movie fans. The Empire Glassworks Alien Hand Pipe is a dangerous addition to your glass pipe collection and is made of solid borosilicate glass. It is totally functioning and incredibly realistic.

Empire Glassworks' alien-themed hand pipe is a stunning green and black glass design with prominent black and transparent nubs. A stunning glass opal can be found inside one of the pieces of clear raised glass. The front of this tobacco bowl has an alien face with white glow-in-the-dark teeth and green slyme glass drips. The deep bowl and wide mouthpiece of this glass pipe increase airflow through the pipe. The thick 5mm glass used to make this themed spoon is produced here in the USA. This great sculptured glass pipe is full of intricate detail and highly functional. This Glass Pipe is shaped like alien smoking out of a bowl. The alien's body is lean, its head is hollow, and its mouthpiece is located on the top of the back of the head. This item, more significant than it appears to be at almost 7 inches, lays securely on any surface. Also, he can hold your lighter. With the Alien Glass, you can go to another planet right now.

A quick fire can burn through much material without waiting a second, leaving a punishing burn or wasting your spice. Assuming the pipe has given you a complete hit, breathe in until you can taste smoke in your mouth. Deliver the carb and continue inhaling. The hand pipe is an ancient smoking innovation that dates back thousands of years. A bowl and a repository that travel from the cavity to the user's mouth make up the primitive smoking apparatus. A few pipes are further developed and have an afterthought carb hole in the side that considers air consumption. Covering the carb allows for the development of a hit in the pipe's emptiness. Instead of requiring the client to take a long drag, pushing the carb forces all the smoke to them instantaneously.