Consequently, there is a wide variety of smoking accessories and the modern trend indicates that silicone pipes are one of the most utilized smoking devices because they are sturdy and flexible; they also come in attractive colors. But with their rise in popularity, one question remains: Is it safe to smoke from a silicone smoking pipe?

Explaining why Silicone Smoking Pipes are safe

Silicone is a kind of artificial product which is formed from silicon, oxygen, carbon and hydrogen which is very famous for heat resisting and non-poisoning functions. Premium quality, food grade silicone is employed in products such as kitchen accessories and products which come into contact with babies hence the quality of silicone smoking pipes. This silicone type is safe to use because it does not include toxic fumes or chemicals which are released in case of high temperature.

Key Safety Features of Silicone Pipes

  1. Heat Resistance: They do not melt or deform when exposed to very high temperatures, which is safe when smoking.
  2. Non-Toxic: Silicone used in making the smoking pipes is of high-quality that does not contain BPA and phthalates which are injurious to health.
  3. Durability: Silicone pipes cannot be broken unlike glass; thus the user does not have to worry about inhaling pieces of the broken pipe.
  4. Easy to Clean: Silicone does not absorb grease and thus it is easy to clean; in this way, it would be hygienic to use in smoking.
Why Choose Silicone Pipes?

Aside from their safety features, silicone pipes offer a range of benefits that make them a great choice for smokers:

  • Portability: They do not have a rigid structure and thus one can easily fold and put them in a bag without having to worry that they may break.
  • Variety: Silicone pipes are colorful and produced in various designs and styles hence coming in different designs for preferences.
  • Affordability: In most cases, the silicone pipes are cheaper as compared to the glass pipes in terms of cost to consumers.
Recommended Products

Here at Global Glass Pipes, we have a great range of silicone smoking pipes that are safe to use, stylish and very practical. Here are some of our top recommendations:

This is a very strong water pipe and has skulls on it and will suit those who prefer a cool pipe for their hits.

This spoon pipe has a monster design on it, that makes it attractive and in addition offers an excellent smoking expertise.

Small and convenient for the use on the go, this mini nectar collector is the best tool for vaping your concentrates.

This water pipe comes in a robot design and has been painted in the true Rasta colors making the product colorful and fun though primarily used for a serious purpose.
All these products and many others are available on our website, Global Glass Pipes. We understand that each of the products must be stored in hygienic kitchen utensils, making each item we use high-quality food-grade silicone.

Learn More

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Speaking of silicone smoking pipes, these pipes are not only safe but are also considered to have a number of advantages that make them appreciated by smokers. Here at Global Glass Pipes, we have a great variety of these innovative items and guarantee you to find the best pipe for you. Happy smoking!