Average Size Skull Dab Wax Slick
Average Size Skull Dab Wax Slick

Average Size Skull Dab Wax Slick

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Part Number: GPP-500
Lightweight & portable
Heat and cold resistant
Made from durable food-grade silicone
No mess or waste
Skull-shaped design
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Average Size Skull Dab Wax Slick

This durable skull-shaped, nonstick silicone container is ideal for storing sticky substances such as oils and waxes. It comprises rugged, food-grade silicone that can endure hot and cold temperatures. This means it can go in the freezer, microwave, and dishwasher. The item has a height of 5.5 centimeters or 2.2 inches, which makes it the perfect size for sliding into your pocket or purse while you are out and about. In addition, it offers a clean storage compartment for your concentrates; even the stickiest concentrations will readily slide out, guaranteeing that none of your concentrates will be wasted! The nonstick silicone stash container in the form of a skull is available in a range of colors, and one will be supplied to you at random, depending on the availability of those colors.

The Skull Dab Slick is the ultimate solution for maintaining the freshness and protection of your wax concentrates. This compact dab container is made entirely of silicone and can withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit without shattering. In addition to this, the Slick is flexible, easy to move about in, and not sticky. It is not difficult to clean the container, and it may be carried in any pocket or purse. Because of The Slick's, it can hold a significant number of any concentration you like. The Honeybee Herb symbol, located on the cover with a snug fit, protects the contents from the elements and maintains their quality.

Use of Skull Dab slick

Containers for dab rigs are a standard item that may be put to several different purposes. To remove the wax from the bottle, no matter how deplorable it may be, you must use a dabber tool. You may quickly sort your various tastes into the correct slots in jars with many places. Some people even label their containers with markers to track their inventory better. For example, purchasing nonstick materials like silicone might save you a lot of time and serve for long run.

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