AWS 600 gram Pocket Scale
AWS 600 gram Pocket Scale

AWS 600 gram Pocket Scale

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Part Number: GPP-62
600x 0.01g
Unique round-shaped body
Sharp contrast LCD
Soft buttons
Backlit LCD
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Digital Pocket Scale 600 gram

This digital scale is pocket-size but has an increased weighing capacity of 1000 grams. It gives exact measurements throughout its ability. It can weigh objects like; Letters, Parcels, Coins, Jewelry items, different types of medicines, etc.

How to use Digital Pocket Scale 600 gram?

  • Before you hit the switch button, make sure batteries have power and are placed rightly.
  • Wait until the screen shows a "0.0" reading.
  • Select your desired unit of weight (gram, ounce) by pressing the respective button.
  • Place the object and make sure you are not holding it after it is placed and the item is in the center.

Calibration Adjustment: The device is already tested for calibration and adjustment at the factory. However, the weighing range can shift slightly during shipping. There are also minor changes in the gravitational acceleration around the World. It is recommended to perform an adjustment, so absolute accuracy is ensured. 

Following are the instructions to follow while calibrating the scale:

  • Switch on the scale and weight for it to give zero reading.
  • Press the mode key until the Screen shows "CAL" and then release.
  • Press the mode key again. Screen will flash "CAL" followed by the required calibration weight.
  • Put the required calibration weight properly on the plate. The Screen will display "PASS."
  • That's how you complete the calibration.

How to change batteries?

  • Remove the cover from the battery compartment
  • Insert two AAA alkaline batteries
  • Follow the polarity (+/-) and replace the cover

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