AWS Axis-100 Precision Bowl
AWS Axis-100 Precision Bowl

AWS Axis-100 Precision Bowl

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Part Number: GPP-66
Includes two weighing trays
Precision Load Cell
Back-lit LCD
Compact Design
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AWS Axis-100 Precision Bowl

The AWS AXIS-100 is a digital pocket scale specially designed for maximum durability. The LCD and the control panel are explained by the push of a key, enabling the scale to manage a small profile while not in use. Two extension trays are combined, allowing you to control a variety of scaling tasks. The trays also encase the scale for including the protection and portability.

How to use it? 

Before you hit the switch button, make sure batteries have power and are placed rightly. Wait until the screen shows a "0.0" reading. Select your desired unit of weight (gram, ounce) by pressing the respective button. Place the object and make sure you are not holding it after it is placed and the item is in the center. Press the button "M" to switch between different units of weight 

TARE Function:

If you are to use a tray for weighing, you can use the 'Tare' feature, so the tray's weight does not get included in the reading. Following are the instructions to use the TARE function. Turn the scale ON as described above. Place the tray or container you want to use on the platform Press the "T" key and wait until the screen displays a "0.0" reading. Now you can add items to your tray. To return to the general weighing mode, empty your container and press the "T" key again.

Axis 100 Calibration:

Calibration is usually not required, but if you feel your instrument is giving wrong measurements, you can use this function. There are many purposes for this, including; change in the value of gravitational acceleration worldwide or a slight shift in weighing range while shipping. Follow these steps to perform calibration. Press the key "M" and hold it till the word "CAL" appears on LCD. Press the button "M" again after letting it go once. You will see the required weight for calibration on the screen. Place the calibration weight and wait for the screen to show the word "PASS."