AWS BT2-1KG Pocket Scale
AWS BT2-1KG Pocket Scale

AWS BT2-1KG Pocket Scale

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Part Number: GPP-61
1000 x 0.1g
Includes vinyl pouch
Backlit touchscreen LCD
Light in weight
Thin & compact design
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BT2-1KG AWS Digital Scale

When you require accuracy in your measurements, a digital weighing scale is a plus point! If you search for a pocket-friendly, handy, or portable weighing scale, then the BT2-1kg AWS digital scale is the best choice with multiple uses. It would help if you unboxed the scale packaging and put in 2 AAA batteries, which are already included with the purchase, to power on. The AWS digital scale is formulated to be portable, and it is the perfect size with dimensions 3 x 5 x 0.8; to measure small items like food, grains, herbs, any medication, spices, coins, stones, or coffee.

This mini scale is also a kitchen or food scale, which is durable and compact and can quickly be taken anywhere or carried with you in a backpack or a handbag while you are traveling. This digital weighing scale has a backlit LCD screen that gives accurate readings because of the high precision sensors. The tasks as numbers can be viewed easily, even if there is minimal lighting. The built-in cover helps this digital scale be safe and keeps it new by protecting it from the bumps or scratches caused due to daily usage. This scale has a stainless-steel surface that can be cleaned easily after anything has been measured.

The items that need to be measured can be placed directly on the stainless-steel surface. It can also measure items on a container or a tray other than the stainless-steel surface. The lid also has some instructions embedded in it, which is easy to read and helps the user to use this scale. The AWS Digital Scale is specially designed for light-weighted objects. This scale comes with four conversion modes and measures in grams, pennyweights, ounces, and lastly, troy ounces. The plate has a push button to switch between these units to convert the measurement into different teams with high accuracy.

It is manufactured to measure with high precision the object weighing from 0.1g to 1000g. To fix the zero error in the measurement, the scale has a 'tare' button that is very useful to zero out the scale and measures the contents placed on the scale's surface. There is an auto-off function that comes with the plate, so you don't have to worry about your batteries running down. The BT2-1KG AWS Digital scale comes in black color. It is a scale that is a perfect size and something which is value for money. You cannot go wrong on this if you are looking for a scale that is mini-sized and measures less than 1kg!