AWS Chrome-201 0.01g Scale
AWS Chrome-201 0.01g Scale

AWS Chrome-201 0.01g Scale

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Part Number: GPP-67
Tare/Zero feature
Programmable Auto-Off times
0.01g Resolution
200g Capacity
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AWS Chrome-201 0.01g Scale

Small and highly valued objects require great weighing precision. This is what Chrome-201 brings to the table. It is a strong, rustproof electronic weighing apparatus installed with a back-lit LCD that can measure small objects like; Letters, Coins, Parcels, Jewelry items, different medicines... This pocket scale is designed to measure tiny objects with high accuracy. It goes by the names of Gram scale, Jewelry scale, and Digital Electronic scale.

Calibration Adjustment

The device is already tested for adjustment and calibration at the factory. Despite this, the weighing scale can shift slightly during shipping. There are also unimportant changes in the gravitational acceleration around the World. It is advised to perform an adjustment, so absolute accuracy is ensured. 

Tare Weighing

To decrease your container's weight that you are using for the measurements, press the TARE key after putting your box on the pocket scale. It will bring the reading to zero and not include the container's weight in future measurements. Using this function, you can place small containers or vessels on your scale. It won't let you measure material that is liquid or sticky so as not to damage the device.

Precautionary Measures:

  • Do not overload the plate. Placing objects heavier than 100g can permanently damage the item and cause false readings.
  • Do not store or operate at extreme temperatures. It is best kept in the limit of 10 o to 30 o. 
  • Keep the apparatus clean and avoid keeping it in a moist environment. 
  • Cleaning must be done with a slightly damp piece of cloth or paper. 
  • Operate the digital scale on flat surfaces and avoid extreme jerks.