AWS MB-100-REST Matchbox
AWS MB-100-REST Matchbox

AWS MB-100-REST Matchbox

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Stainless steel plate
Durable digital scale
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Accurate & Easy to Read
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AWS MB-100-REST Matchbox

American Weighing Scales bring a stylish digital pocket scale for RYO. This pocket scale comes in the packaging of a fake matchbox to let people carry their style. It has a weighing capacity of 100 x 0.01g. It is the most miniature weighing scale you will ever come across designed specially to weigh tiny objects like Jewelry items, medications, small flowers, coins, etc.

Durable & Compact: This mini room-scale is ideal for travel and might slot in your bag. Plus, it converts merely between ounces, carats, grains, and grams.

LCD Screen: The digital scale's backlit digital display Screen makes numbers visible and straightforward to browse ?even in dim lighting. Because of high-precision sensors, you will get Associate correct activity whenever.

Built-in Cover: Keep your electronic food scale safe with the inherent sturdy cowl. It'll keep your scale trying like new and defend it from scratches, bumps, and everyday wear and tear.

Stainless Steel: Our digital room-scale features a stainless-steel surface that is simple to scrub. Place your things directly onto the chrome steel or place them in a very receptacle or instrumentality for menstruation.

Benefits / Uses: At yanked Weigh Scales, we all know that exactitude matters. This moveable scale will weigh up to 100 grams, creating it suitable for activity food, spices, medicine, herbs, coins, or different tiny things. You'll conjointly use the size for business functions or shipping. We've designed this mini scale to be straightforward to use despite wherever you are taking it. Our small scale comes pre-calibrated; however, you'll conjointly calibrate it with a 100-gram weight (sold separately). 

About the company: American Weighing Scales (AWS): American weighing scales manufacture state-of-the-art scales that fulfill all types of weighing needs. This company provides scales of all kinds; Digital scales, pocket scales, bathroom scales, kitchen scales, jewelry scales, balance scales, counting scales, Ohaus scales, baby scales, and many others. AWS is the leader of the market, and its ability is unmatchable so far.