AWS Portable Gemini-20 Scale
AWS Portable Gemini-20 Scale

AWS Portable Gemini-20 Scale

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Part Number: GPP-63
Stainless-steel body
Small in size
Easy to carry
Removable batteries
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AWS Portable Gemini-20 Scale

It is an exact weighing scale that can measure objects like; food, herbs, medication, jewelry, letters & parcels, coins, etc. Gemini 20 has a healthy stainless-steel body making it rust-resistant and durable. It comes with a backlit LCD, making it usable in the dark and a flip cover to protect it from scratches and external damages. 

Tare weighing: If you are to use a tray for weighing, you can use the 'Tare' feature, so the tray's weight does not get included in the reading. Do that by following these easy steps:

  • Turning the scale ON as described above
  • Place the tray or container you want to use on the platform.
  • Press the "Tare" key and weight until the screen displays a "0.0" reading.
  • Now you can add items to your tray.

Calibration adjustment: Calibration is usually not required, but if you feel your instrument is giving wrong measurements, you can use this function. There could be reasons for this, including; change in the value of gravitational acceleration around the world or a slight change to the weighing range while shipping. Follow these steps to perform calibration.

  • Make sure the scale is on.
  • Once the scale is at '0', press and holds the ON key until the screen flashes "0" and then release the key
  • The screen will flash "g," asking for calibration weight, i.e., 10g.
  • Place the weight until it stops flashing "g"