Black Aluminum 4 Piece Grinder
Black Aluminum 4 Piece Grinder

Black Aluminum 4 Piece Grinder

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Aluminum Grinder
Very sleek design
Light in weight
4 pieces and parts
Easy to clean
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Black Aluminum 4 Piece Grinder

The small herb aluminum grinder is a good quality aluminum, with sharp teeth for grinding, a perfect fit, and guaranteed durability. This small grinder looks so luxurious and has a unique design to fulfill the crushing needs. The aluminum grinder is best known for its healthy aluminum body, which is so durable and coated with anodized color to avoid scratches on the body. This grinder is made up of robust CNC machinery to produce a tangible outcome. This grinder is a heavy-duty grinder with powerful neodymium magnets, which helps keep the lid intact. The interest in the aluminum grinder also keeps the herbs in them fresh.

The Black Aluminum 4 Piece Grinder also consists of a removable screen to filter out the pure pollen. The aluminum grinder also has a poly O-ring that gives out a smooth grinding process. The aluminum grinder is easy to use and carry hero, which is made of aluminum. It is used to grind and crush down herbs, spices, and substances. This aluminum grinder can help in crushing down some herbs quickly and without any hassle.

Features: Diamond sharp teeth This aluminum grinder has unique diamond sharp teeth for grinding and crushing, giving a smooth and effortless grinding experience. The sharp diamond teeth in the aluminum grinder also give a perfect high quality of an excellent crush. Due to such healthy teeth present in the aluminum grinder, the grinding power is enhanced to give out a perfect and satisfactory result.

How to use this aluminum grinder? Firstly, open the lid of the hero. Then, add dry herbs into the grinder safely inside the magnetic area present in the hero. Lastly, crush the substances using your hands carefully.

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