Black Digital AWS-100 Scale
Black Digital AWS-100 Scale

Black Digital AWS-100 Scale

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Part Number: GPP-64
Screen is visible in dim light
Backlit digital display
Ideal for travel
Stainless-steel surface
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Black Digital AWS-100 Scale

The AWS Series from American Weigh could be an excellent digital pocket scale for people who are seeking high preciseness on the go. With its backlit LCD, results are simple to browse even in low-lighting conditions. The laborious plastic lid protects the stainless-steel deliberation platform once the dimensions aren't in use. Includes 2 AAA batteries; therefore, you're able to weigh directly. For years currently, the AWS Series has been the trustworthy name on the pocket scale.

Portable Scale

This digital food scale measures 3" x 5" x 0.8". Thus it is a good size for menstruation on the go. Use it to live buggy, herbs, medications, spices, or jewellery.

We've supplemental a stainless-steel activity surface that is simple to scrub and take care of. Plus, the size comes with an intrinsically protect heavy protection where it goes. This scale is extraordinarily versatile, with the power to convert between grams, ounces, pennyweights, and troy ounces. We've conjointly simplified the practicality. Thus it's straightforward to use. There square measure solely three buttons on the device: Tare, on/off, and Mode. This lightweight scale needs a pair of AAA batteries that square measure enclosed with purchase.

However, with Associate in Nursing auto-off operates, you will not have to be compelled to worry about running down the batteries. Our tiny electronic scale is moveable; thus, it is easy to require on the go. With dimensions 5" x 3" x 0.8", this little scale will slot in your pocket or your purse, backpack, or different bag. As an outcome of its small size, this scale is ideal for baking within the room. It precisely measures any place from zero—one gram to 600 grams. All AWS electronic scales feature correct strain-gauge technology that offers exactitude day when the day. Plus, our electronic scales feature auto-on technology—with a press of a button on the size, you get your correct weight activity.

Easy to Clean: Users seeking an associate in nursing on-the-go sturdy pocket scale for a spread of applications that embody deliberation food, occasional beans, dry herbs, gemstones, coins, gold, silver, explosive and additional will deem these standard AWS pocket scales. You'll conjointly realize several different options that build this economical, chequebook-sized scale a favourite of our customers. The flip-open lid protects the deliberation surface that cleans. Buttons provide you with full management of tarring yet because of the ability to modify between grams, ounces, grain, and carat. Simple to scan, even in low light-weight conditions.