Cheech Chong Instant Pyrex 16 oz
Cheech Chong Instant Pyrex 16 oz

Cheech Chong Instant Pyrex 16 oz

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Part Number: GPP-53
Minimal and light in use
Makes your glass shine
Earth friendly and biodegradable
For use on glass, metals and ceramics
Cleans and deodorizes in seconds
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Cheech Chong Instant Pyrex 16 oz

The Cheech Chong instant cleaner is a guaranteed environmentally friendly product made up of natural and safe ingredients to clean up surfaces instantly. This instant cleaner is specially formulated to clean up objects in less than a minute without any hassle or difficulty. It is mostly known for cleaning up without any hassle of scrubbing the items' surfaces and waiting for a long time to soak before using. Because of the Abrasive action shake clean technology in the Cheech Chong cleaner, it cleans up so fast and without any difficulty. With the use of this product, you can enjoy a freshly scented and clean finish.

This instant cleaner is a perfect product to clean up your glass objects, pyrex, metals, and ceramics. This instant cleaner is available good for its price and is a good value for money. This Cheech Chong instant cleaner also comes in nice and attractive packaging that makes one want to buy it quickly. The Cheech Chong company has a wide range of other products, and this instant cleaner is one of the most recommended products. So, visit the official website and purchase this Cheech and Chong instant cleaner at an excellent price to get your cleaning done quickly.

How to use this Cheech Chong Instant Pyrex 16 oz product?

  • First of all, shake the bottle of the Cheech & Chong instant cleaner well.
  • Then, take the cleaning crystals and liquid equally and pour them on the item that has to be cleaned.
  • Then, cover up all the cleanings of this cleaner and shake it for up to 60 seconds or until the required cleanliness is achieved.
  • Then, rinse the item very thoroughly in warm water.
  • After you have used the product, it was your hands with water. Make sure that you wash your hands after every use of this cleaner.

Also, follow the instructions on the box for better use and results. If the items to clean are smaller in size, then place that item in a sealed bag to prevent leakage and then follow the usage directions.