Classic Colorful Zippo
Classic Colorful Zippo

Classic Colorful Zippo

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Part Number: GPP-264
High quality
Windproof Design
Refillable tank
All-metal body
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Classic Colorful Zippo

Extensively known for their reliability, unique design, and quality manufacturing Zippo is back again with a brand-new product, The Classic Colorful Zippo Lighter. Zippo is also known for its continuously improved products released at regular intervals considering that every new product is slightly better than the last one. This time the Classic Colorful Zippo lighter is manufactured while keeping the quality of material supreme, as usual. In short, if you are looking for a uniquely designed, flashy, multicoloured, and performance-consistent lighter, Spectrum Zippo is the perfect product for you. The Classic Colorful Zippo is best suited for a variety of indoor and outdoor tasks.

Like any other flip lighter out there, the Classic Colorful Zippo ignites on a slight flip from the thumb and provides you with the ultimate lasting flame that can resist wind and can be easily claimed as windproof. The lighter is not just best suited for lighting a cigarette but can be used to carry out any other task that involves fire, such as gas stoves, candles, or even bonfires, which makes it an exquisite product for all the survival freaks out there. The size and weight of the lighter make it handy and pocket-sized, easy to carry.

The Classic Colorful Zippo lighter is deliberately not filled with fuel to prevent any mishap or accident. It is also explicitly stated that the product might expose you to highly flammable liquid, so be careful while using it.

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