Clear Round Bong Bowl
Clear Round Bong Bowl

Clear Round Bong Bowl

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Part Number: GPP-145
Handmade glass
Clear thick glass
Borosilicate glass
Various design
Spacious bowl

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Clear Round Bong Bowl

A great extra for any glass bowl 18mm, our blossom bowls have a broad head ideal for a gathering or a solo sesh. It comes in 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm, just as male or female, so you can transform any male jointed apparatus into a blossoming piece. These unmistakable clear glass bowls are ideal for utilizing your male jointed concentrate rigs for dry spices. Glass bowls 18mm are embellishments, slides, down stems, Glass on glass connectors, dropdowns, and reclaimers are supplied for various reasons. Now and then, your cumbersome companion drops your pipes and breaks the glass bowl. Now and then, you return home with another bowl piece to find it doesn't accommodate your water pipe. We know how it is. Clear Glass bowls are a significant piece of the bong business.

Each bong needs a bowl or the like to work appropriately. Without a glass bowl, a bong would be pointless. Glass bowls hold your dry spices set up, prepared for you to illuminate them. They can come in any size you need for the bong you own, including yet not restricted to 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. A glass bowl can accompany either a female or male joint. Remembered for the glass bowl area are different plans, thicknesses, and value focuses. There is a considerable load of alternatives for style. An 18mm transparent glass bowl like the Honeycomb Screen Bowl has an inset-style bowl with different openings. Bowls this way and the Male Slide w/Built-In Screen have gaps in the base to make a wholly conjoined screen. These aides hold your dry spices back from falling into your bong. At the point when dry herbs get into your bong, you are dirtying your pipe as well as squandering items. These sorts of glass bowls come in most if not all accessible sizes and joint sexual orientations. Some even have a decision of shading.

Glass bowls would now be the focal piece of your bong with new complexities and imaginative thoughts. They can either separate your bowl from the bong or unite everything. This piece highlights smooth and clean clear glass that permits you to watch this concentrate apparatus or water pipework. A Clear Glass 18mm bowl enables you to watch the air pockets stack as your fume permeates. These clear Glass and clean 18mm glass bowls allow significantly more even wind stream when contrasted with single-opening bowl pieces making a considerably more even consumption just as diminishing the bowl's opportunity getting stopped up. Also, this bowl includes thick glass development with a medium-sized bowl just as a glass ring around the middle for relaxed taking care of. This frill is slight; it will perceptibly improve your meetings. Planned with a glass screen, it will get debris before it enters your line without limiting the wind stream. Accordingly, your line will remain clean for more.