Digi-Weigh DW-100D Pocket Scale
Digi-Weigh DW-100D Pocket Scale

Digi-Weigh DW-100D Pocket Scale

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Part Number: GPP-72
Dual modes display at the same time
High-density ABS housing
Sturdy design
Up to 6 weighing modes
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Digi-Weigh DW-100D Pocket Scale

The DW-100D is our new version of the Digi-Weigh brand; a high-quality, dual modes display excellent for use in any statement that needs efficiency time and again. Digi-Weigh is super tiny yet packed with valuable units and features. These scales come standard with seven different weighing units and can also count pieces by weight. Grams are always shown, and other companies will display in unison with the gram weight, great for unit conversion! The auto-check function will display the remaining battery power on the backlit LCD. The clear plastic cover not only protects the Scale but can also be used as a handy tray to hold loose pieces for weighing.

Tare Weighing: To decrease the weight of the container you are using for measurements, press the "TARE" key after putting your container 

on the pocket scale. It will bring the reading to "0.0" and not include the box's weight in future measurements. Using this function, 

you can place small containers or vessels on your Scale. It will let you measure material that is liquid or clingy so as not to damage the apparatus.

Preventive measures:

  • Do not overload the Scale. 
  • Placing objects heavier than 1000g can permanently damage the item and cause false readings.
  • Do not store or operate at extreme temperatures. It is best kept in the limit of 10 o to 30 o. 
  • Keep the apparatus clean and avoid keeping it in a moist environment. 
  • Cleaning must be done with a slightly damp piece of cloth or paper. 
  • Operate the digital Scale on flat surfaces and avoid extreme jerks.