Digi-weigh Tabletop Scale
Digi-weigh Tabletop Scale

Digi-weigh Tabletop Scale

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Part Number: GPP-68
1000 x 0.1g
Durable with overload protection
4 weighing modes convertable
Large high contrast LCD
Stainless steel
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Digi-weigh Counting scale

This model of scale (DWP-1001) has both industrial and laboratory use. 

It cannot only be used to weigh objects but also count small items using it.

Digi-Weigh DWP1001 Digital Scale 1000 x 0.1g Weigh Gram Ounce oz Grain in Carat, vintage food, Condiment ad, 

Pancakes Advertising vintage, Soup can Advertising, Spices Extracts Advertising vintage, Wine ad print, Wine Ad poster, 

vintage wine label The DWP has a high-quality strain gauge load cell system makes it accurate in a full capacity range. 

The Shell and internal hardware are made from stainless steel and High-density ABS plastic housing for superior durability. 

Perfect repeatability and off-center accuracy. Strong high contrast BLUE LCD makes it easy to read!

Counting Function: This scale comes with the counting function, which lets you count small objects of equal weight. 

Follow these guidelines to use this function. After turning the leaf ON, wait for the screen to show the reading "0.0". 

Place your sample on the platform, for example, 50 pieces. Press the key "C/R" and hold till you see a random number on LCD, 

for example, 75. Now press the "M" key to switch between different sample numbers. When you see your sample number on the screen, 

press the key "C/R" to select, and now the weighing scale is in counting mode. Remove your sample from the platform and start 

placing parts from it so the scale can count it for you. Press the C/R key again to return to the normal weighing mode.

Maintenance: This is an instrument designed for precision, so ensure you protect it from external damages. 

Put the weights gently and do not increase the prescribed limit of the machine.