Digital American Weigh 201 Scale
Digital American Weigh 201 Scale

Digital American Weigh 201 Scale

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Part Number: GPP-65
Built-in overload protection
Stainless-steel surface
LCD screen
Removable cover
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Digital American Weigh 201 Scale


The AWS 201 Digital scale is a perfect solution for weighing economical and measures with precision. If you are searching for a pocket-friendly, portable, or handy weighing scale, then this digital pocket scale is the best choice with multiple uses. It would help if you unboxed the scale packaging and put in 2 AAA batteries already included with the purchase for it to power on. The AWS 201 digital scale is formulated to be portable, and it is the perfect size to carry it anywhere hassle-free. You cannot go wrong on this scale because it is designed especially for multiple uses. However, to keep its working life long, you must clean the platform after using it to weigh any object. 


  • The calibration is done beforehand at the factory, but shipping can cause the weighing range to shift.
  • If you see that the calibration is changed, you must place the calibration on the scale and check its value.
  • If you see that the declared value is not within the range, you must put accurate adjustments.

How to use this product:

  • Before pressing the switch button on the scale, make sure that the batteries are inserted correctly.
  • Then, wait for the digital scale's screen to show the 0.0 value.
  • Then select the unit you want your readings in and press the respective button on the scale.
  • Lastly, place the object you want to weigh on the stainless steel platform of the digital scale and read the value of the readings that are shown on the screen.

Dimensions of this scale:

  • This pocket scale is 5.0 inches in width
  • It is approximately 3.0 inches in length
  • This scale is 0.8 inches in height

Warning that comes with this product: This digital pocket scale can expose you to some chemicals, so it is advised to use it carefully.