Double Jewelry Scale DD1-100th
Double Jewelry Scale DD1-100th

Double Jewelry Scale DD1-100th

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Part Number: GPP-70
LCD screen display
Straightforward to read
Consists of push buttons
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Double Jewelry Scale DD1-100th

Accuracy is indispensable when one wants to measure small but highly valued objects. This is what the digital pocket scale offers. 

It is a strong, rustproof electronic weighing apparatus installed with a backlit LCD that can measure small things like; Letters; Parcels, Coins, Jewelry items, different medicines, etc. This pocket scale is designed to measure tiny objects with high accuracy. It is also known by the names of Gram scale, Jewelry scale, and Digital Electronic scale.

The Scale has implied calibrated before freight: still, accuracy may be affected by variations of gravity, freight, handling, and temperature changes. Protect the Scale from excessive shocks, prolonged overload conditions, extreme temperature changes, and humidity: do not attempt to pull the platform out. Please use only high-quality AAA batteries. 


  • Place Scale on a horizontal flat surface. Press ON/OFF Switch.
  • Wait until "D.0" is displayed. 
  • Put the object on the weighing platform.
  • Using the MODE(M) key, You can switch between the parts. 

Tare Weighing:

  • Turn on Scale as described above. 
  • Place the "tare item" on the platform. 
  • Press (T) and wait until "0.0" is displayed.
  • Add the "net-weight-item." 


  1. Apply the Scale ON by pressing the ON/OFF key.
  2. Wait for it to display "0.00g," or "O Og," then press and hold the MODE key until it shows "CAL," then release.
  3. Press the MODE key again. The display will flash "CAL" supported by the required calibration weight.
  4. Put the required calibration weight on the middle of the platform. It will display "PASS" later return to normal weighing mode.