DW-AX Portable Digital Scale
DW-AX Portable Digital Scale

DW-AX Portable Digital Scale

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Part Number: GPP-73
Easily fits in jean's pockets
Smooth design
Removable 2 AAA batteries
Blue light display
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DW-AX Portable Digital Scale

Accuracy is indispensable when one wants to measure small but highly valued objects. This is what DW-AX offers. It is a strong, rustproof, and electronic weighing apparatus installed with a backlit LCD. This pocket scale is designed to measure tiny objects with high accuracy. It is also known as the Gram scale, Pocket scale, Jewelry scale, and Digital Electronic scale.

DW-AX is a jewelry scale that can weigh up to 200 grams of jewels within a small efficiency range of 0.01 grams. The scale can be used for measuring gold, diamond, silver, and other precious stones. The jewelry scale's measuring plate includes a stainless steel platform of size 2.5" X 3". The max weight the scale can measure is 100 and 200 grams. The accuracy of the measurements at the full range is ensured by a weighing technology known as a high-quality pressure standard load cell system. 

The scale is stuck in a high-density ABS plastic covering and a metal rod framework to gain more durability. The scale also has a clear and thin crystal clear cover, detachable, and can likewise be used as a tray. The dimension size of the scale are 5?(d) X 3?(w) X 0.75?(h). The smooth design and the scale's thickness make it fit easily in trousers and jean's pockets. To guarantee perfect reading of the calibrations, a wide-screen LCD screen is provided. 

The TARE function of the counting board covers the entire capacity range of the measuring system. An engaging blue backlight makes the pieces of jewelry look more impressive over the crystal clear tray. The scale measures in six methods, namely, gn, ozt, dwt, ct, oz, and gm. The LCD screen size is 1.3" X 0.5". The power equipment from two AAA batteries is enough to have the LCD screen running. The calibration weights for DW-AX are combined with the scale package.

About the Company: Digi-Weigh has been in the business of manufacturing weighing scales for the last 16 years. This company provides scales of all types; Digital scales, pocket scales, bathroom scales, kitchen scales, jewelry scales,

balance scales, Truck scales, counting scales, Jack scales, and many others. Digi-Weigh strives for innovation and leads the integrated computer and wireless technology in America.