Elements Ultra Thin 1-1/4
Elements Ultra Thin 1-1/4

Elements Ultra Thin 1-1/4

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Part Number: GPP-371
High Quality
Slow-burning paper
Natural gum
Extremely thin
Made from rice paper
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Elements Ultra Thin 1-1/4

The ultra-thin cig paper of the elements is made of pure rice, pressed to burn exceptionally slowly and to make it incredibly thin. Then only a narrow strip of natural gum, made of sugar, is added. The result is probably the best artificial cig rolling paper. Elemental paper burns with zero ash, except for a small line of sugar that burns in caramel. The 1 1/4 size magnetic enclosure closes the rolling paper pack of your cig, so the cover doesn't stay open, and your booklet is visible. Available in 3 sizes: 1-1 / 4 size includes 50 leaves per pack, 1-1 / 2 size consists of 33 leaves per packet and regular single wide size consists of 150 leaves per packet. They can be made in Spain. This element is made from ultra-thin paper, pure rice paper, which is pressed to make ultra-thin rolling paper, which produces a slow-burning paper. 

The paper burns quickly and produces no ash except caramel made from sugar cane, which results from the use of a cross-imprint. These elements are made in Spanish-made rice paper that focuses on quality and, according to their excessive custom packaging, really cares about the environment. The packaging also has a magnet on it, which is cool because I lose a lot of paper when the box is open and dirty. It packs properly. The ingredients are made by the same company that makes elements paper, but they are very different. Elemental paper is extremely thin and rolls easily. When using, the paper does not taste and produces very little ash. The joint was a bit canned, but I managed to fix it quickly. It was an attractive piece of paper that I would use again?ade of light brown because it does not require bleach to be white, and its probably the most popular in natural uncertified rolling papers. 

Elemental papers are proudly made from rice paper. The brand makes these traditional papers from natural fibers, not the easiest to roll, but they certainly burn well. You can buy paper to roll and pack yourself or buy some pre-rolled cones to make the process even easier. Elemental paper is extremely thin and rolls easily. When using, the paper does not produce flavor and very little ash. I could taste stuff more than any other paper. If you're using with a sharp putt head, they'll probably pull out one of these packets. Today he owns a custom "wagon" Ferrari, an arm-shaped pair of users. And donates million 2 million to charities in Africa. Elements' papers are thinner and burn more slowly than other types of paper. Since very little material is used for the leaf, it is better for your health and to use your stuff without delay.