EMB-02 Digital Dynamometer
EMB-02 Digital Dynamometer

EMB-02 Digital Dynamometer

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Part Number: GPP-305
Made from Stainless steel
Strong and compact design
Digital LCD Display
Electric operation mode
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EMB-02 Digital Dynamometer

High precision and with adjustment, precision: ±0.01g, The EMB-02 Digital Dynamometer is the perfect device for precise weighing for all kind of items such as herbs, jewelry, gemstones, coins, gold, silver, food. The scale has the ability to precisely weigh up to 100 grams in 0.01-gram increments. A unique flip-open lid is there to protect the delicate weighing surface, Made up of smooth stainless-steel. The scale consists of a removable protective cover, which can also be used as a tray to expand the scales in order to fit in and weigh the larger objects. The multidimensional LCD also makes the reading easier to read and modify. Designed with a stainless-steel platform and a flip cover, the scale is highly portable and easier to carry due to its compact size. It is indeed the perfect product for your weighing tasks. The scale allows you to weigh a maximum capacity of a 100 grams and readabilities of 0.01 gram. The delicate and efficient touch buttons are installed to give you a precise and accurate measurement with no chances of error. 

The LCD has large sized digits which makes it easier to read even in the dark. The scale consists of 6 distinct modes which are: g/ oz / gn / ct / tl / ozt to make the weight transitions and conversions easier for you. The battery is power efficient and has a function known as the “The 60-second auto shut off” which preserves the battery. In order to properly use the scale for the very first time, start by removing the plastic strips from the battery and place the scale on a smooth flat levelled surface. Press the ON key to turn it on, on the LCS “0.0” will be displayed and you are ready to weigh anything. After you have placed the object to be weighed on the scale, wait a few seconds till the reading on the LCD is stabilized. Then take your reading. The tray can be extended for your convenience if the object is big enough. It is explicitly stated that the reading of the scale subject to external factors such as variations of gravity, and temperature. 

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