Foldable Metal Magnetic Pipe
Foldable Metal Magnetic Pipe

Foldable Metal Magnetic Pipe

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Part Number: GPP-18
Minimal and light in use
Different colors
Highly durable
Easy to clean
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Foldable Metal Magnetic Pipe

Enjoy your cool habit secretly with the Foldable Magnet Pipe. It is made up of metal, which is durable and gives fine finishing to the object. It lets you sneak a toke discreetly.

How does the Foldable Metal Magnetic Pipe work? Two pieces snap together tightly and do not let gas leak when you take. You need to put your stuff in the bowel and light it up with a suitable lighter. Make a draw and enjoy the experience. There is a screen included in it to prevent you from direct. It works as a filter. When you are done, just let the pieces slip to form a rectangle and put it in your pocket.

Two-piece metal pipe: What's new? This metal magnetic pipe is a must-have these days. It saves you the effort of filling a cig or rolling a blunt When unfolded, not many know what this thing is. This way, you can maintain the secrecy of your unconscious habits. As it has just entered the market, not many people have this. You can use it as a conversation starter with someone you like. It is a smooth experience and worth giving a try. The convenience to carry and the ease of using the product are the primary features and cannot be matched by any industry work.

Foldable metallic pipe: Relaunch of a classic Metal pipes were trendy in the late 90s; afterward, glass pipes came and became famous. This foldable metallic pipe is more like a revival of a classic item. This time, the difference is being introduced in a shape that suits modern times. This is why, soon after it was launched, it became an instant hit. Features like coolness, extremely easy to carry, instantly available to use, etc., are the reasons for its popularity.

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