Formula 420 Original Pipe Cleaner
Formula 420 Original Pipe Cleaner

Formula 420 Original Pipe Cleaner

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Anti-Wear Protection
Rust Inhibiting
It is effortless to use
Non-toxic ingredients
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Formula 420 Original Pipe Cleaner

Keep your items clean with Original Formula 420. This is the best liquid cleaner to remove stains from; Bongs, Glass & Metallic Pipes, Hookah, and other similar items. Instant results are obtained with great ease using 420 Pipe Cleaner. The factory name of the product is A1 - FORMULA 420 PYREX-GLASS-METAL-CERAMIC. 

Packaging Options in 420 Pipe Cleaner

It comes in three different packaging options:

  • 12 OZ (Regular Large)
  • 4 OZ (Travel)
  • 2 OZ (Small)

How to use Original Formula 420 Pipe Cleaner?

  • Give your formula bottle an excellent shake before using
  • Pour a suitable quantity according to the size of the object to be cleaned
  • Shake the item for 40 ?45 seconds to ensure that liquid reaches every part
  • Leave it for a few minutes
  • Rinse thoroughly

For those objects which do not have any openings, you can pour formula 420 into a bowl and leave those objects in it for a few minutes. Rub the item with gloves on, and then rinse.

General Instructions and Precautions

  • Direct contact of skin with the liquid must be avoided
  • It must be used for cleaning purpose only
  • Use gloves when applying liquid to objects
  • The solution must only be used on Pyrex, Glass, Metal, and Ceramic surfaces
  • Do not apply to clothes, shoes, and other similar items
  • The chemical must be kept out of kids?reach