Formula 710 Instant Cleaner 2 oz
Formula 710 Instant Cleaner 2 oz

Formula 710 Instant Cleaner 2 oz

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For the most difficult stains
Earth friendly
Easy to carry
Advanced Cleanser
Deodorizes in seconds
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Formula 710 Instant cleaner

Clean your items instantly with formula 710. This is a liquid cleaner to remove stains from; Bongs, Glass & Metallic smoking pipes, Hookah, and other similar items. 710 pipe cleaner gives instant cleaning results and that too, with great ease of use.

Light cleanup and Deodorant: Prepare an answer of 2 ounces Formula 420 per one gallon of water.

Use of crystal? The mainly used crystals for this purpose are mostly known as soda crystals. They are okay and versatile. They are used for laundry and cleansing functions. They put together used for making liquid dissolve grease and put together used for removing stains.

Ingredients involved: The Street Journal recommends many cheap products to effectively clean your bong: a combination of salt and lotion. The grinding qualities of the salt combined with isopropanol create the proper concoction for obtaining your piece sparkling clean at a minimal price.

Is this formula toxic? High Times recommend Formula 420 as their go-to resound cleansing product. Formula 420 is purportedly non-toxic and created with all-natural ingredients; however, the corporate doesn't disclose the elements of this product. So gather your Ziploc baggage, salt, and Q-tips, and procure cleansing.

Small Tools and unit Items:

  • Cipher all visible soil or dirt gifts.
  • Soak pincers, nippers, curries, hedges, or trimmers in 2ounce Formula 420 per quart of water resolution for 10 minutes.
  • Rinse and dry before utilization.