Girly Metal Lipstick Pipe
Girly Metal Lipstick Pipe

Girly Metal Lipstick Pipe

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Girly Metal Lipstick Pipe

The lipstick pipe is one hit product that is made and designed to look like lipstick. This pipe is designed in a way that the shape and outer look is just like lipstick. This lipstick pipe is made of metal. To use this lipstick pipe, you must first open the top cap to reveal the pipe's tip and then open the bottom lid to reveal the lipstick bowl. The lipstick pipes are a great purchase if a person is fond of small pipes and likes them.

How to use this Metal Lipstick Pipe?

  • First of all, open the case of this lipstick pipe and take the pipe out.
  • Then, use an herb grinder to crush down the herbs for use in the pipe.
  • Then, collect the herbs and pack them into the lipstick pipe.
  • After this, use a lighter so you can heat those herbs and also inhale simultaneously.
  • In the end, if you feel that you have inhaled enough substance, and then gently take your mouth away from the lipstick pipe.

How to clean the Metal Lipstick Pipe? You can easily clean this lipstick pipe because it is made up of metal. You can clean this lipstick pipe in a dishwasher too. You can also wash this pipe by putting it into boiling water. All the leftover herbs will get swept by leaving the lipstick pipe in hot water for a few minutes. You can also wash this lipstick pipe with any cleaning agent if you have it available.

Why buy this Metal Lipstick Pipe?

  • This lipstick pipe is a must-buy because it is so discreet. Nobody can figure out what it is used for and think it is lipstick.
  • This lipstick pipe is very convenient and easy to travel with.

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