Green 5 inch Pipe Case
Green 5 inch Pipe Case

Green 5 inch Pipe Case

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Part Number: GPP-25
Light in weight
Easy to carry
Supportive foam
Durable exterior materials
Concrete texture
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Green 5 inch Pipe Case

This pipe case features two huge pockets to fit a pipe and a 1-2 ounce packet. There's a little separate case that holds a lighter, 1-2 alters and some pipe cleaners. The pipe case is designed, so your embellishments never touch your pipes to avoid scratching and harm. The string holds everything set up when the patient is moved up. This Pipe case comes with a personalized other. During the buy, incorporate the initials to be stamped on the case in the "note to seller" area (limit of 3 characters). 

The Monogram default position will appear on the intro page. Green pipe case softness quality is medium. Each piece of pipe case unexpectedly retains color. Your bag may appear to be marginally unique than the one that occurred here. It is a lightweight pipe with enough space to oblige every one of your style's instruments with 100% assurance and a softening foam that makes it water safe. It has a lockable thick quality zip, which opens the pipe case and keeps your pipes safer. It has two delicate handles that make it adaptable while moving around and a bag lash that gives further adaptability while conveying the bag. We ensure 360 degrees to secure the pipe case pouch by giving the rigid cylinder to the case's chanter. 

This Pipe Case on the two finishes for lines (or 2-3 stogies up to 7" long) 5 pockets in the middle for Zippo, lighters, alters, pipe cleaners, and so on Ring to join pipe cord 8" x9" Packing mat will move up inside Pure copper or metal bolts at corners. Hand Stitched with light or dim waxed string. Each side pipe case measures approx. 8" x 3". This small green pipe case, which appears as though a hard case for specs, has been intended to hold two pipes and a pipe companion.


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