Green Keyring Metal Pipe
Green Keyring Metal Pipe

Green Keyring Metal Pipe

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Part Number: GPP-02
Quality metal
Extreme durability
Disperses the heat
Easy to clean and maintain
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Green Keyring Metal Pipe
This is the best way to sneak a toke whenever your cravings get you. It also goes by the name of Mushroom pipe 
and Miniature pipe. It is made up of metal, which is durable and gives fine finishing to the object.

How does it work? Unscrew the pipe by twisting it. Make sure you do not apply unnecessary force, or you might de-shape it. 
Find the hole in the pipe and tightly screw the bowl in it. Put your stuff in the bowl and light it up. 
Make sure you use a filter if you are not used to directing. 

What's new about Mini Keychain Pipe? This metallic pipe is a must-have if you crave now and then for a puff. 
When closed, not many know what this thing is. This way, you can maintain the secrecy of your unconscious habits. 
As it has just entered the market, not many people have this. You can also use it as a conversation starter with someone you like.
It is a smooth experience and worth giving a try. The good thing about it is that size and ease of use. It merely is unmatchable. 

Mushroom Metal Pipe: The relaunch of classic Metal pipes were trendy in the late 90s. Afterward, glass pipes came and became famous. 
This miniature metallic pipe is more like a revival of a classic item. This time, the difference is being introduced 
in a shape that suits modern times. This is why, soon after it was launched, it became an instant hit. Features like coolness, extremely 
easy to carry, instantly available to use, etc., are the reasons for its popularity. 

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