If you are a smoker, you will realize the importance of the accessories for the best possible experience. Among the many vital accessories, the downstem is standing out. In this assistance, we are going to study the realm of downstems, the sizes, types, and how to pick the perfect one for your setup. Besides, we will also focus on some of the Global Glass Pipes that will be most useful for you to improve your smoking cuts.

What is a Downstem?

A downstem is a little tube that unites the bowl (where you put your smoking material) to the main chamber of your water pipe. It is the most important aspect as it makes the filtration process easier and thus, you will get smooth and clean hits. The downstem makes it possible for the smoke to pass from the bowl into the water, thus it is cooled and filtered before you take in it.

Sizes of Downstems

Downstems are available in different sizes and it is very important to pick the correct size for your water pipe for a perfect fit and hence the optimum performance. The two most popular sizes are 14mm and 19mm. Here’s a quick guide to help you understand these sizes:

14mm Downstem

The 14mm downstem is commonly used for a lot of water pipes. It's universal and can be used by almost every bong. At Global Glass Pipes, we sell a 14mm Female Downstem that is the ideal for most of the setups. It is a product that is made to provide a perfect fit and to make sure the air is always flowing smoothly, thus, a perfect smoking experience.

19mm Downstem

The bigger beer bongs require a 19mm downstem. These are perfect for the water pipes with larger joints, consequently the air flow is increased and the hits are easier. Our 19mm Female Glass Downstem is a much better choice for those who need a larger size. It is long-lasting, comforting to clean and you can be sure that your sessions are as pleasant as you can.

Types of Downstems

There are different types of downstems too, and each has its own distinct advantages. Here are some of the most common types you’ll encounter:

Diffused Downstem

The downstems with the small slits or holes at the bottom are diffused. These are the usage of the filters, which makes the smoke to be in bits, thus, the filtration is more efficient and the hit is smooth! Possibly the best option for those who want to amplify the chilling of their water pipe is them.

Non-Diffused Downstem

Non-diffused downstems are essentially the tubes of simple and straight dimensions with no slits or holes. Although they don't provide the same filtration as diffused downstem, they are still effective and more convenient to clean.

Quartz Downstem

Quartz downstems, for instance the Male Angle Cut Quartz Nail, which weighs 14mm, have been designed to be robust and to be able to withstand high temperatures. They are the ideal choice for people who like dabs, as quartz can withstand higher temperatures without losing its flavor or the cell structure.

Why Choose Global Glass Pipes?

The reason to pick Global Glass Pipes is that they offer exceptional quality, a wide variety of styles, and are made from environmentally friendly materials. We, at Global Glass Pipes, are very much proud of ourselves in offering high-quality products that will indeed fulfill all your smoking needs. Here are some top recommendations:

  1. 14mm Female Downstem: This all-round downstem can be used with most standard bongs and provides a great filtration as well as airflow.
  2. 14mm Male Angle Cut Quartz Nail: This product, which is perfect for dabbing, is extremely durable and has clean, flavorful hits.
  3. 19mm Female Glass Downstem: Suitable for larger bongs the two way downstem is the one that guarantees smooth, cool hits every time you use it.
These products are intended to make your smoking experience more enjoyable by ensuring you get the maximum benefit from every session.

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The different sizes and types of downstems are very important not only for the smokers but also for the ones who want to know about smoking. Through the proper downstem, your smoking will be greatly improved, you will have more pleasant and cleaner smokes every time. You should also go to our downstems and other smoking accessories at Global Glass Pipes, a place where we are all about the best products and customer service, where we can help you to be the best smoker there is. Happy smoking!