Hard Smokin Clean Bristle Cleaner
Hard Smokin Clean Bristle Cleaner

Hard Smokin Clean Bristle Cleaner

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Quite slim in shape
Clean all parts of pipe easily
Slightly elastic
Moist absorbents
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Hard Smokin Clean Bristle Cleaner

These bristles can help you clean up your Pipes, small bongs, burners, etc. These can remove stains, and tar marks and absorb moisture present in your equipment.

Easy to use? Unlike other chemical and alcohol-based liquids available in the market that are applied for hours and hardly give results, these bristles are easy to operate. It is an old-school cleaning, where you need to insert these into your object and do a little scrubbing.

Multiple uses: You can also clean your radio sets, fire burners, electronic equipment, and other small bores or tight places that need cleaning. These bristles also find their uses in arts and crafts projects.

Material: These bristles do not leave scratches on your glass pipes or bongs. Strands of cotton are piled together to give strength, but the material itself is soft.

How to use a Pipe cleaner? Bristle pipe cleaners do not need much explanation on usage. It is an old but very effective way of taking care of your stuff. Open the pack of your bristles and take one bristle in your hand. Fold it from the center to make a loop. This will give more strength to it and will refrain from bending while cleaning. Soak the bristle in water or alcoholic solution. We recommend an alcoholic solution as it gets dried quickly. Scrub every part of your pipe; stem, shank, bore, etc. Make sure you carefully rub the factors that are most exposed. Take as many bristles as you need. Once you are done, take a bristle but do not wet it this time and rub all the parts to absorb all the moisture left. Leave the pipe for a couple of minutes so it gets dried.

General Instructions:

  • Use bristles according to the size of your pipe. 
  • Using many bristles together and applying force more than required might de-shape the pipe.
  • If the bristles are coming out clean, it indicates the pipe is free of impurities, and now you can use a dry bristle to do the finishing.
  • The product must not be used to clean any human body parts; eyes, nose, mouth, etc.