The connoisseur's preferred instrument for consuming the leaves and tobacco is a glass pipe since it provides a pure and flavorsome experience. The pipe provides the purest and most flavorful experience when it comes to smoking herbs or tobacco. Another thing to be considered is, cleaning of the equipment, which should be done regularly for the sessions to be as perfect as the first time. In addition to the taste, any residues formed will also have the same adverse effects on airflow which in turn affect the overall functionality of your pipe. If you're scared of the task, we've got you! Our simple guide will show you the way to cleaning your glass piece thoroughly, and this will guarantee a smoother, cleaner hit.

Step 1: Preserve Your Cleaning Weapons

Before you start this cleaning journey, determine the available supplies for the job.You will need:

1- Ethanol alcohol (91% or higher for better result)
2- Conestable sal (sea salt or kosher salt works magically outside well)
3- Ziplock bags or a food safe label container.
4- Cotton swabs or pipe cleaners.
5- Rubber bands or tape (can also be used as optional materials)
6- Warm water
7- Gloves (optional, but recommended)

Step 2: Unpack and Wash

Initially separate your glass pipe if it is so easy. Get rid of movable parts ex. bowl or stem. Give the inside of the bowl a brisk warm rinse, starting with whatever is easy to remove. This step allows to allocate all the efforts and get everything done faster.

Step 3: Soaking Game

Put your pipe in a Ziploc bag or a sealable container before you leave. Put alcohol into a large enough container to be able to dip the item down and submerge it in the liquid. Let me add the coarse salt as much as you can. Salt is non-scratching abrasive, which while cleaning dirt from the glass you do not scratch it.

Seal the bag or container of airtight fashion. When it comes to leaking the seal you can completely tighten it by sealing it with rubber bands or tape. Shake the pack in a gentle way so that you will get a good and uniform distribution of their contents on the pipe. Make the solution of baking soda and vinegar sit there for about an hour, assuming the pipes are highly soiled, the process may take longer than an hour even.

Step 4: Shake off.

The next step is vibrating the bag (or the container) really hard, however without making the pipe break. The salt does exactly that, entering the pores of the pipe and making a scrubbing motion to remove any dirt in the corners.

Step 5: Scrub-a-Dub-Dub

Take out the pipe from the container with alcohol, and wash it with warm water. By applying cotton swabs or pipe cleaners, it will help you get rid of the remaining residue that is still inside the pipe. Make sure you purposely spend more time on areas with huge residual.

Step 6: The final rinse

Another step is to rinse the pipe with warm water after you finished scrubbing it under the warm water. Confirm that all the residue of the alcohol, salt, and loose dirt have been completely removed.

Step 7: Enjoy and Estimate

Place the pipe on clean paper towel or tissue and allow it to dry completely after shaking out the excess water. When it is completely dried up, your dry pipe should have the same look and feeling as when it was new, and you good to go for your next smoking session.

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